Michael O'Neill

by Michael O'Neill

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Originally Released on Tesla Tapes August 2013.
For more information on future live appearances and releases, discussion or collaboration please contact:


released October 28, 2013

Written and Recorded by Michael O'Neill. All songs Michael O'Neill. Drum programming Dwellings. Additional production support Richard Couser. Mastered by Stephen Bishop.



all rights reserved


Michael O'Neill Manchester, UK

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Track Name: The Man Inside The Castle
They might come through you front door
If you do not make sure
That you left no leads
But still that does not necessarily mean
That they won’t find a reason
Seems that simply wearing a uniform
Means that it’s open season
On decent people
It’s only natural to daydream of treason
When you’ve been dealt debt
Since the day you began breathing
The force is white male domination
A type of fascist protected by legislation

That’s not criminal activity
It’s just experimentation
Now that 16yr olds got a record
And lowered expectation
Targeted stop and searches
Produce desired figures
Just breeding animosity
It’s communities that suffer
You don’t live around here
But continue to make decisions
The man inside the castle
Cannot see the life were living

Shattered in a heartbeat
It’s the by product of targets
Protecting who I don’t know
Or where the corruption started
If they wanna change the law
Then they just produce the data
That justifies their actions
And controlling laws of nature
It represents a bigger picture
Where money is the master
A polarized society
Structured for disaster
Track Name: The Cheetham Hill Speed Scene
The Cheetham Hill speed scene
A chemical community
No sleep and no teeth
But a strong sense of unity
Completely honest
In a superficial society
Where competition breeds
A kind of sceptical anxiety
No regard at all
For the middle class etiquette
Pedalled on the pages
Of your Sunday supplement
A model existence
That ridicules difference
A false pretence
That feels cold and distant

A pain reaction
As are all kinds of addiction
A genuine sickness
Vilified without question
Out-dated drug laws
Doing untold damage
Crime in the community
Just a failure to acknowledge
Societal dysfunction
And repeated exclusion
Prey upon the weak
And those who are most vulnerable

The Cheetham Hill speed scene
A chemical community
No sleep and no teeth
But a strong sense of unity
Track Name: A Well Dressed Drifter
A well dressed drifter
A streetwise grafter
Born in Liverpool
But lives in Manchester
An extreme dieter
Occasional shoplifter
Razorsharp cheekbones
He’s a nonsense conductor
His ID was stolen
His ego was swollen
He convinced himself
That he had been chosen
The little known history
Fed into the mystery
Occasional sightings
And the constant imagery
Of Nineteen Eighty Nine
And his own jawline
He’s clearly unsettled
By the passing of time

A well dressed drifter
A streetwise grafter
People couldn’t make out
What he was really after
Amphetamine user
But never a boozer
He saw himself
As a northern street cruiser
Straight out of school
And looking for a reason
He toyed with religion
Then the Foreign Legion
For some type of calling
Or a deeper meaning
But his idle mind
Only ended up revealing
A natural shyness
He saw as a weakness
So he carried himself
Like he was totally fearless

A well dressed drifter
A streetwise grafter
Track Name: Life Without Motion
Right across the land there’s hatred
For a hand that’s yet to be dealt
Give the game, don’t give the means too
The people who, need them the most
Can you see clear in all the confusion
Smokescreens from the media machine
That assists in all political favours
Career moves in a swamp of excess
A quick escape straight out the back door
To be replaced by the same thing again
Bitter minds are closed by decision
You’ve never seen life lived on the edge
Of what you call a democratic nation
You could have fooled twenty million or more
Switched off and tuned out forever
It’s no surprise when hollow are the words
From the mouths of every new beginning
Nothing more than what’s been before
Trickle down those riches in equal
Measures with the social decay
It don’t affect, the devil or the demon
You’ll be safe if you keep control
Illuminate this sick illuminate
Self-appointed pain making beasts
Class eugenics, no doubt about it
Clear division in who has the means

It’s psycho social, Life without motion
It’s the lack of opportunity to change the situation
Track Name: High Middle Low
High Middle low
How’s it gonna go
No one’s got a choice and some don’t even know
Of low level living
In the same old hole
There’s a world out there but it feels so cold
Keep us on the wheel
Maintaining economics but ignoring how you feel
You gotta sell yourself
To play this game
A one way sacrifice on a one way train

Two separate worlds
Rejection is sane
If were not given the dice then we can’t play the game
It’s freedom to a point
But it’s all in frame
Of their loaded choosing, to maintain the rain/reign
Life seems cheap
As the tick tock goes
Where’s the next mirage, as the repetition flows
You make reality
But we find the holes
Separate terms that are completely opposed

Easy when you know how
But how do you get to know
If you were born the wrong side
Of tracks you didn't lay
The rich are getting richer
And the poor are getting sick
Of promises and lies made
By head upon a stick
There's no one at the table
Fit to represent
What it's like to live here
Your country is'nt you
Track Name: Brighter Britain Today
Brown hair and 21 years old
2 kids and another one on the way
He never even knew who his father was
A list of convictions, the last one afray
(Into drugs before secondary school
Had his whole estate under intimidated rule)

A product of his environment no doubt
In more than one sense of the phrase
His mother was the sister of a gangsta
His family home was nothing more than a safehouse

Smoking weed at Nine years old
And selling it by the time he was Twelve
He ran with a gang called The NHC
Every single member a bad man wannabe

It wasn’t long before he was making a name
Selling weight for a man named “Jimmy the brain”
Brown heroin, speed and crack cocaine
Around the clock drops for all the itchy veins

He never stoped where money could be made
Making twice what he would on minimum wage
And signing on once a fortnight too
He said he how make the system work for you

Then 12 o’clock on a cold April day
On the edge of the Waterloo estate
Two men in a black Audi wait
Drive by, Four shots then away

(He was)Dead before he even hit the ground
No one saw a thing and no one heard a sound
It made the front page of the evening news
(It read)Dealer dead, Police have got no clues
Dealer dead, Police have got no clues
Dealer dead, Police have got no clues
A product of a brighter Britain today
A product of a brighter Britain today